Gaining a competitive advantage is crucial to success. A competitive strategy should be the cornerstone to your business and without it, it is not possible to indicate how well your business is developing.

Through competitive analysis you gain the competitive edge as you find your competitors, identify what they are doing, how successfully they are doing it and then you do it better. It really is as simple as that. This will ensure that you capture the market share of your world which is ultimately your aim.

The strategic planning that MultiWorks Marketing implements based on competitive analysis really does lead to results. The premise is straight-forward. You will have the competitive knowledge to grow your business and expand.

There are many ways that competitive analysis can help you:

Plan Your Business Prior To Launch

Identify Your Market

Identify Your Weakness

Ensure You Maintain The Lead


Competitive analysis can be a one-off assignment or it is included if you are a client.

If you are wanting MultiWorks Marketing to conduct competitive analysis for any purpose if you are not already a client, we will explore competitiors’ keywords, your position in the market, your competitors’ positions, their advertising atrategies, their audience, their demographics and their whole SEO strategy. And we can also explore their social strategy too for you.

Not bad…. with this information, it is possible to make your position so much better, stronger and more powerful.

If you are already a client, well, you’re lucky as you get this at the start of a marketing strategy and it will prove to be invaluable. It is then continued all the way through to ensure you are the market leader.

If you are not already a client, you can start the process now by either contacting me to discuss it, or you can get going now to save time. Click here to start and I’ll be working on this within a day.

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