Is Your Medical Private Practice Letting You Down?


Perhaps it is non-existent or perhaps you are starting out for the first time?  Medical private practice used to work on the premise that having obtained admitting rights and having persuaded your local private hospital to write to all the local GPs, you would be set up in private practice. Today many things have changed and many factors have come into play and establishing private practice or rejuvenating private practice requires a different approach.

Be under no illusion your patients have searched for you online before they come and see you, even in the NHS. IN the private sector, some will visit you because you have been recommended but the majority will have taken time to search for you, find out about you, find out about your success rates, find out about your costs and find out about how other people have perceived you.

So, are you happy with what they find about you? Is there sufficient information about your service/procedure/surgery? Are you seen as the “go-to” person in your arena?

Your private practice is entirely generated by you. Some practitioners think that all medical private practice is finite and that if person X appears to have the lion’s share will mean that there is not much left for others. This is not necessarily true as market forces and competition are always healthy aspects of any market. In our experience, it is always possible to generate more private practice.

As a medical private practice provider you are delivering a service and it is in the provision of this service that you can make a difference with the information you provide and the transparency of your practice.


We can help you do this.

With many years of experience in competitive medical markets, we can provide you with:

An analysis of your current online footprint

An analysis of your competition

An analysis of your current website and/or domain is you have one already

A user-friendly, informative website

Advice as to where to advertise, either annually or on a pay-per-click basis.

Start and manage pay-per-click advertising

And assist you in developing a medico-legal practice

Our aim will be to get you found for the care you can provide and so helping many people in the process. You will quickly become a brand in your own rights with our efficient online promotion.

All for a very competitive price.

 MultiWorks Marketing Ltd