Our Small Business Marketing Prices

We could take this opportunity to give you lots of marketing hype which is often found on websites that offer to do similar services to us. We do what we say we will do,  and more. But we will take this opportunity to show you what great value we are. Many sites say they will do what we do, and we are sure that they will, but at a price much more than we ask for…and without the personal touch. Our strategy builds a web of contacts and information so that a “surfer” seeking information will find you, everywhere.  We seek out your dream clients and attract them to you.  We do this using many different methods and most importantly it encompasses anything new that crops up along the way. Although we offer different packages of internet marketing, we will advise you accordingly (if you ask us) thereby ensuring that excellent and necessary work is not excluded. Equally we don’t stick to a set strategy and become dinosaurs. We move with the times and ensure that what we are doing, works. We will be working hard on your web site internet marketing strategy but it is very much, a personalised program. We adapt to what Google throws at us and we make you stronger. Our small business marketing prices are competitive to get you to where you and your business want to be.

MultiWorks Marketing offers transparency and results for a decent price so that there is a real feel of value for money.

As soon as payment is received for any option, we will get working for you. Alternatively, we can happily discuss anything before committing.

Power Start

Assess Your Competition
  • Brand Assessment
  • Competition Assessment
  • Social Media accounts
  • Local SEO Assessment
  • Final Analysis Report


Monthly Content & Website Management
  • Full Competition Analysis as per Power Start
  • Old Website management (wordpress only)
  • SEO Management
  • Long Form Content

Instant Traffic

Superior Marketing Strategy
  • Ultimate Marketing package plus
  • PPC (Paid Traffic) Management*
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