The Perfect Small Business Marketing Strategy

So if you want on online business or you want to put your offline business online, you’ll need a website and a small business marketing strategy.

So off you go and get your website. This can be hours of your own blood, sweat and tears or you hand over a vast sum to someone who writes it for you. You wait quite a while, their priorities are now not so similar as yours. You wait and wait.
You eventually get your website. Now you sit back and wait for the money to roll in.
And wait, and wait and wait some more.

No money comes, because nobody knows you are there.


Multiworks Marketing

Multiworks marketing knows the secrets of getting found, in fact my clients say that they commonly hear from their customers “you must be the person to see as you were everywhere we looked”. The Perfected Small Business Marketing Strategy.
Be Seen. Everywhere. What a great place to be.
So if you are a small business, wanting to start or rejuvenate your medical private practice or a first time business and need help in getting found. I can take care of that for you. You can focus on other parts of your business.


How Do We Do It?


  1. We examine your website to see if it ticks the right boxes for google. We suggest changes if necessary. We can start over again too. We plan a strategy and then off we go and get down to work, immediately.
  2. We know how important being everywhere is and we do this through articles, google friendly sites, paid advertising (if agreed), getting high rankings on google, social media and many other ways.
  3. All those thousands of hours we’ve spent working out what works, is then put into practice. And this includes the frequent algorithm updates from Google. We focus on very google friendly methods to get you seen. No mass creation of dodgy links here.

We’ve worked in competitive arenas, we’ve worked in new ones: our work has worked.
For a (no-contract) monthly fee, your internet marketing is covered, done, doing and getting results.
If you want paid search marketing too (pay-per-click) we can do this too.
There isn’t much we can’t do, really, in the internet marketing world. Our small business marketing strategy works. Well.

MultiWorks Marketing Ltd