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About MultiWorks Marketing

Since 2005, Multiworks Marketing has invested, obsessively, thousands of hours to understand how internet marketing works so that you do not have to.
We love what we do, and get ridiculous satisfaction from seeing success and hearing about it, and most importantly, being a part of it.

We are THE trusted small business marketing services company, experts in traffic generation that make incomes soar.

Know Your Competition?

Do you know who your competition are? Or are you new to online marketing or been unsuccessful and need to know who you really are competing against? MultiWorks Marketing can do an in-depth analysis showing you who they are and where the gaps are to focus on what needs to be done to move forward and become the most competitive market leader in your world.

Your Marketing Department

Are you a small to medium business who needs a marketing department? Or are you a working on your own and there are not enough hours in the day to market you or your business? MultiWorks Marketing ca help. We are a highly organised team who can take on your needs to get you seen, heard and respected online. We’ll monitor your brand too and work with you to develop a very strong online presence.

Social Media lacking or non-existent?

We can advise you on the best way to develop your social media strategy in a way that feel comfortable with and that gets results. MultiWorks Marketing will assess your competition and using ethical ways, develop and runs your social media campaigns so that you lead from the front.

Start and Manage Online Advertising

There are now many ways to advertise online. MultiWorks Marketing will advise you on how to attract your target market to gets the leads and sales to drive you forward. MultiWorks Marketing will manage paid advertising campaigns (PPC) and monitor their effectiveness to ensure that you get the most impact for your money.

Need More Visitors?

This is where our obsessiveness takes over. We will find many and the best ways for you to get traffic (visitors) to your business.

Leads, Leads and more Leads

Without leads, your business is non-existent. We will develop ways for your to get leads for you to qualify and then show you other ways to make more money.

MultiWorks Marketing Ltd


`Luck. Take a second look at what appears to be someone’s “good luck.” You’ll find not luck but preparation, planning and success-producing thinking.”

David J Schwartz


Business Development Services

Modern Business Development Services To Make You Your Market Leader Using Proven Methods To Get You Results.

MultiWorks Marketing provides tried and tested Modern Business Development Services. This means that we know how to focus on driving your business forward and making it grow, exponentially.  We can say this because we have done this many times and successfully. We can be your marketing department for your online business should you wish. It’s up to you. Everything I do is based on the latest and effective methods of SEO that I use for my own sites everyday. This includes taking into account and monitoring Google’s algorithm updates. The best way to win on the internet is to have a structured marketing plan and strategy. You have come to the right place.

Your Website

Website Design & Re-design

Social Media Accounts

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc

Keyword Research

Aim in the right direction & understand the Competition


SEO & Link Building

Start, Maintain and Monitor

Content Development

High Quality Writing To Add Value

Content Marketing

Disseminate around the web, appropriately


Online Advertising

Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Stumbleupon for example

Competitive Analysis

Identify your competition and then we’ll make you better

Process Management

Use time saving methods to help growth


Lead Generation

Get qualified leads primed for conversion

Local SEO

Ensure that you are found locally

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

We’ve tried most things and can save you time!


No. of hours spent enjoying what we do, so far. Thats nearly 11 years to you.


Average percentage increase in converted leads from start of working to now for current clients.


Number of 5* reviews from patients for their consultants’ care.

MultiWorks Marketing Ltd


“Our job is to make change. Our job is to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go.”

Seth Godin


Medical Private Practice Marketing

Medical Private Practice Marketing Specialists

Is Your Medical Private Practice Letting You Down?


Perhaps it is non-existent or perhaps you are starting out for the first time?  Medical private practice used to work on the premise that having obtained admitting rights and having persuaded your local private hospital to write to all the local GPs, you would be set up in private practice. Today many things have changed and many factors have come into play and establishing private practice or rejuvenating private practice requires a different approach.

Be under no illusion your patients have searched for you online before they come and see you, even in the NHS. IN the private sector, some will visit you because you have been recommended but the majority will have taken time to search for you, find out about you, find out about your success rates, find out about your costs and find out about how other people have perceived you.

So, are you happy with what they find about you? Is there sufficient information about your service/procedure/surgery? Are you seen as the “go-to” person in your arena?

Your private practice is entirely generated by you. Some practitioners think that all medical private practice is finite and that if person X appears to have the lion’s share will mean that there is not much left for others. This is not necessarily true as market forces and competition are always healthy aspects of any market. In our experience, it is always possible to generate more private practice.

As a medical private practice provider you are delivering a service and it is in the provision of this service that you can make a difference with the information you provide and the transparency of your practice.


We can help you do this.

With many years of experience in competitive medical markets, we can provide you with:

An analysis of your current online footprint

An analysis of your competition

An analysis of your current website and/or domain is you have one already

A user-friendly, informative website

Advice as to where to advertise, either annually or on a pay-per-click basis.

Start and manage pay-per-click advertising

And assist you in developing a medico-legal practice

Our aim will be to get you found for the care you can provide and so helping many people in the process. You will quickly become a brand in your own rights with our efficient online promotion.

All for a very competitive price.

 MultiWorks Marketing Ltd


“It is one of the beautiful compensations in this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Additional Services

Experience pays: know what your competition are doing and quickly get visitors to your site.

Our Additional Services: Paid Advertising & Analysis

All available individually:

Google Adwords Management

A vital component of your marketing arsenal. Start here now by clicking this button

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The price per month is £300 payable monthly (around £10 per day) and there is no contract attached to this so you can stop my services whenever you want. If you pay for a month, there is no refund for that month. This does not include the cost of the adwords themselves. Google will bill you directly for that, my costs are for looking after the account and campaigns. We quickly get your advertising up and running, visitors to your site and we will monitor daily, whatever your needs are.

Competitive Analysis

You really do need to know exactly who your up against.You can get us investigating for you by clicking this button

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We can research your online competition, real or potential and advise on the keywords needed to strike them a blow. We will also define a back link history and identify methods for you to pursue better rankings. We can also define their adwords strategy so you don’t waste time recreating the wheel. This is included in the Supreme and Ultimate packages. Why don’t you start this today?

Already Have A Webite?

Then please do contact us here at MultiWorks Marketing and we can put together a bespoke package for you entirely focused on traffic generation. Very quickly, our fees will be dwarfed by your additional income and you’ll be delighted.  


MultiWorks Marketing Ltd


Understand the worldview of those you’re trying to reach.

Seth Godin


Competitive Analysis

Know your competition, know what makes them successful, understand what drives their success and capitalise on their weakness.

Gaining a competitive advantage is crucial to success. A competitive strategy should be the cornerstone to your business and without it, it is not possible to indicate how well your business is developing.

Through competitive analysis you gain the competitive edge as you find your competitors, identify what they are doing, how successfully they are doing it and then you do it better. It really is as simple as that. This will ensure that you capture the market share of your world which is ultimately your aim.

The strategic planning that MultiWorks Marketing implements based on competitive analysis really does lead to results. The premise is straight-forward. You will have the competitive knowledge to grow your business and expand.

There are many ways that competitive analysis can help you:

Plan Your Business Prior To Launch

Identify Your Market

Identify Your Weakness

Ensure You Maintain The Lead


Competitive analysis can be a one-off assignment or it is included if you are a client.

If you are wanting MultiWorks Marketing to conduct competitive analysis for any purpose if you are not already a client, we will explore competitiors’ keywords, your position in the market, your competitors’ positions, their advertising atrategies, their audience, their demographics and their whole SEO strategy. And we can also explore their social strategy too for you.

Not bad…. with this information, it is possible to make your position so much better, stronger and more powerful.

If you are already a client, well, you’re lucky as you get this at the start of a marketing strategy and it will prove to be invaluable. It is then continued all the way through to ensure you are the market leader.

If you are not already a client, you can start the process now by either contacting me to discuss it, or you can get going now to save time. Click here to start and I’ll be working on this within a day.

MultiWorks Marketing Ltd



The solution lies in re-organizing your systems, in re-creating your product or service so that it becomes worth talking about.



Small Business Marketing Prices

Ethical work conducted by people who know exactly what they are doing.

Our Small Business Marketing Prices

We could take this opportunity to give you lots of marketing hype which is often found on websites that offer to do similar services to us. We do what we say we will do,  and more. But we will take this opportunity to show you what great value we are. Many sites say they will do what we do, and we are sure that they will, but at a price much more than we ask for…and without the personal touch. Our strategy builds a web of contacts and information so that a “surfer” seeking information will find you, everywhere.  We seek out your dream clients and attract them to you.  We do this using many different methods and most importantly it encompasses anything new that crops up along the way. Although we offer different packages of internet marketing, we will advise you accordingly (if you ask us) thereby ensuring that excellent and necessary work is not excluded. Equally we don’t stick to a set strategy and become dinosaurs. We move with the times and ensure that what we are doing, works. We will be working hard on your web site internet marketing strategy but it is very much, a personalised program. We adapt to what Google throws at us and we make you stronger. Our small business marketing prices are competitive to get you to where you and your business want to be.

MultiWorks Marketing offers transparency and results for a decent price so that there is a real feel of value for money.

As soon as payment is received for any option, we will get working for you. Alternatively, we can happily discuss anything before committing.

Power Start

Assess Your Competition
  • Brand Assessment
  • Competition Assessment
  • Social Media accounts
  • Local SEO Assessment
  • Final Analysis Report


Monthly Content & Website Management
  • Full Competition Analysis as per Power Start
  • Old Website management (wordpress only)
  • SEO Management
  • Long Form Content

Instant Traffic

Superior Marketing Strategy
  • Ultimate Marketing package plus
  • PPC (Paid Traffic) Management*
£1,199Minimum 6 Months TermBuy Now
MultiWorks Marketing Ltd


Nothing is work unless you’d rather be doing something else.

George Halas


Why MultiWorks Marketing?

"you must be the person to see as you were everywhere we looked..."

The Perfect Small Business Marketing Strategy

So if you want on online business or you want to put your offline business online, you’ll need a website and a small business marketing strategy.

So off you go and get your website. This can be hours of your own blood, sweat and tears or you hand over a vast sum to someone who writes it for you. You wait quite a while, their priorities are now not so similar as yours. You wait and wait.
You eventually get your website. Now you sit back and wait for the money to roll in.
And wait, and wait and wait some more.

No money comes, because nobody knows you are there.


Multiworks Marketing

Multiworks marketing knows the secrets of getting found, in fact my clients say that they commonly hear from their customers “you must be the person to see as you were everywhere we looked”. The Perfected Small Business Marketing Strategy.
Be Seen. Everywhere. What a great place to be.
So if you are a small business, wanting to start or rejuvenate your medical private practice or a first time business and need help in getting found. I can take care of that for you. You can focus on other parts of your business.


How Do We Do It?


  1. We examine your website to see if it ticks the right boxes for google. We suggest changes if necessary. We can start over again too. We plan a strategy and then off we go and get down to work, immediately.
  2. We know how important being everywhere is and we do this through articles, google friendly sites, paid advertising (if agreed), getting high rankings on google, social media and many other ways.
  3. All those thousands of hours we’ve spent working out what works, is then put into practice. And this includes the frequent algorithm updates from Google. We focus on very google friendly methods to get you seen. No mass creation of dodgy links here.

We’ve worked in competitive arenas, we’ve worked in new ones: our work has worked.
For a (no-contract) monthly fee, your internet marketing is covered, done, doing and getting results.
If you want paid search marketing too (pay-per-click) we can do this too.
There isn’t much we can’t do, really, in the internet marketing world. Our small business marketing strategy works. Well.

MultiWorks Marketing Ltd


Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

Ralph Waldo Emerson



Customers stay on a long term basis because what we do, works.

  • Catherine has literally saved my business since she took over my marketing and internet profile….Catherine showed me how important it was to give the correct information about my business in a way that was transparent and easy to understand. She is also very knowledgeable about strategies for acheiving front page dominance in both generic and sponsored search engine results. She reports back regularly with data analysis on search trends with constant fine tuning of the marketting campaign. My business has grown considerably with Catherine’s help and this has more than offset her very reasonable fees. She has become an indispensible member of the team

  • I am writing just to express how pleased I have been with the service and work that Catherine has done for me over the past year. I previously had a website and this had been somewhat successful but I approached Catherine to consider whether there was any way that my website could be improved along with the marketing associated with that. I found Catherine to be someone that is very knowledgeable, full of ideas and extremely professional in her approach to building my website. We were able to liaise over several weeks to ensure that the content of the site was correct and presented in the best format possible. Once the website went live I found that there was an increase in the numbers coming to see me. Catherine continues to have ideas and will constantly update and add new ideas to the site whilst striving to keep it at number one in the Google listings. I have seen a huge increase in the numbers now coming along to see me and I fully expect this to continue over the next year. I cannot recommend Catherine highly enough.

  • Catherine has extensive internet marketing knowledge and her work with websites under her supervision has clearly proved a huge success. This is clearly demonstrated in the revenue figures and referral rates. If your serious about digital marketing and maximising your internet presence I would and do strongly recommend speaking to Catherine.


MultiWorks Marketing Ltd



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